Membership in Superfriends is open to all registered students at Saddleback College who are in good standing with the college and without regard for race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability or politics.

Who we are

All officers must be elected by a majority vote. Superfriends officeers hold bi-monthly meetings. Members are considered active if they are in good standing with the college, attended club meetings on a monthly basis in the previous semester and participated in at least one activity during the previous semester.

President: TBD

Facilitate meetings, act as point of contact with ICC, work with VP to craft meeting agenda, act as point of contact for club members, the campus community, and faculty, attend ICC meetings.

Contact: saddlebacksuperfriends@gmail.com

Vice President: TBD

Assist President in running meetings, attend ICC meetings, lead meetings in President’s absence

Treasurer: TBD

Maintain accurate record of current funds

Secretary: TBD

Maintain minutes of club meetings, maintain a current list of student contact information

Professor Stacy Eldred

Faculty Advisor

Contact: seldred@saddleback.edu

Professor Michael Hoggatt

Faculty Advisor

Contact: mhoggatt@saddleback.edu